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I was very impressed with her sophisticated but yet not overbearing acting skills when she slapped Yoo Ah In's face at the very beginning of the drama when she told him how poor her villagers were. She had indeed picked up lots of positive compliments after Six Flying Dragons. I want to watch the drama because of Krystal but she just play the minor role.....thinking again i would not watch this drama because of the heroine would Shin Se Kyung.......i don't really like her because her acting really is sucks, most of her drama didn't go well....i will search for the Manwha though. It's already confirmed they won't do a direct manhwa-to-play, but are adjusting the story to fit in the 21st century. Looking at the description of the characters though, are they going to change the setting into modern times instead of sticking to the historical/fantasy universe in the comics?

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