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The next day I breakfast in the San Marco restaurant, surrounded by gym-clad couples who have obviously been up since 6am and not lolling in their four-posters, imagining they were in a rom-com like I have been.

While we don’t go the whole hog and stick to just a strand, my hair seems averagely healthy – so I’m treated to a douse in Philip Kingsley’s Elasticiser, a pre-shampoo conditioning treatment which increases suppleness, bounce and of course elasticity.

A medical school drop out, he has been drifting along without direction or purpose.

All that changes when he attends a party and meets the elfin, pixie-like Chantry (Zoe Kazan).

There’s even romantic animation if that’s what you’re into.

And despite Elizabeth Hurley and Hugh Grant remaining firm friends since their split, the Gossip Girl actress has joked that his grumpy nature and difficult personality made him unbearable to be around.

Hours of soothing relaxation can be undone in seconds as you depart the comfort of the spa bubble and find yourself immediately snarled up in a traffic jam or pressed up against a commuter’s ripe armpit in a cramped train carriage.

Founded in 1908 and spread over a mammoth 350 acres of parkland, lakes and gardens, this historical country club and its newly revamped spa is frequently listed as one of the best in Europe and even the world.

I’ve opted for the CACI Quantum body and face treatments.