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At high school in Australia she was good friends with a guy Paul. A few years later she caught up with Paul and they had lunch together.They were getting on well, when Paul told her that on Friday evenings he and his army friends would go out 'poofter bashing,' seeking out and beating up homosexuals for fun.She was disgusted and decided never to see him again, and didn't.About ten years later she heard from old school friends that Paul had recently 'come out' as a homosexual." "A coworker at BJs.

We live in the virtual age where human relationships are no longer bound to physical meetings.

And also we know half of our friends are fake, talk bad stuff, and we know a lot of kids younger than us may think were b****s because of the rumors about us.

We are sick and tired of how things work in our school.

And we revolve around a large amount of "cool" kids that don't really care about us as much as we'd like them to.

And the fact that we know all these people and all these people know us in our school is weird because they don't even know us, or even talk to us, but they just assume were popular and cool because we look that way.