First trimester dating ultrasound accuracy

This schedule is flexible, depending on your pregnancy.If you experience any complications between your scheduled visits, call your doctor immediately.I had sex with another partner unprotected for the month of Feb - currently.I had an ABDOMINAL ultrasound on 4/1 that dated me 7wks, 0d with an EDD of 11/18.When excluding the cases with no fetal pole, the median discrepancy of EDUGA versus RGA was 2 days (interquartile range (IQR) 1 to 3.25).

Endovaginal ultrasound examination is another option. By about six weeks, an ultrasound can show other things as well.Whether or not you receive an ultrasound during your first trimester of pregnancy depends on a number of factors, including your risk for complications.Common reasons for receiving an ultrasound examination in the first trimester are to confirm Most ultrasounds obtain an image by sliding a transducer over the abdomen.Diagnostic ultrasound is a sophisticated electronic technology, which uses pulses of high frequency sound to produce an image.This imaging enables measurement of the fetus and estimation of the gestational age.