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The district had deactivated its surveillance of the student in February 2010, after the Robbins lawsuit was filed.

On another occasion, the boy told police that Loofborough had sent him a link to a pornographic website, according to court documents.

Loofborough also told police, according to court documents, that the boy had “kissed” and “touched” her breast during one incident when they were alone.

On one occasion, the boy said, Loofborough had asked the boy to send her a picture of his genitalia.

Fourth-grader Tavion Mills got the ball rolling: “I know that there are many terrifying things in space like darkness and no oxygen. ” Whitson, who last week set a world record for the most spacewalks by a woman, answered: “You’re right.

There are a lot of scary things in space and the way we work around that …we practice what we’re going to do in an emergency.