Who is tom sizemore dating

Actor Tom Sizemore, who was a drug addict once had to face bitter consequences because of drug addiction, that includes his divorce with his wife.

Tom has admitted the fact that he started doing drugs since the age of fifteen and has spent a lot of his time in rehabs.

Drug addiction has been a problem with many Hollywood celebrities.

Subsequently, when the drug enters into life, one loses the hold of his or her life and life begins to fall apart slowly.

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Other early roles included Lock Up (1989), Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man (1991), Point Break, True Romance, Heart and Souls (1993), Natural Born Killers (1994) and Strange Days (1995).

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However, he claimed to be clean of drugs during his appearance in the third season of “Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Again he appeared as a guest in the fourth season of the show stating that he was fourteen months sober.

Moreover, in 2013, his memoir called “By Some Miracle I Made It Out of There,” was out where he described his journey through drug addiction. Then I found an even better drug and it was called heroin." Caption: Tom Sizemore doing drugs in front of the camera in his house.