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But Harke Steenbergen, headteacher of Tessin school in Nykoping, admires the mural and "its message"."I see many pedagogic advantages to having her art in the school," he told the newspaper.

Politician Conny Jackobsson also backed Falkholt’s painting.

It's like being desperate and starved for food. But if you're a normal person with a healthy attitude about food, being a chef is no problem. There's no urge to stuff everything you're cooking into your mouth.

If you're on the edge of starvation, how could you possibly work as a chef? There are many evils that result from a system of “morality” that teaches sex is Bad And Wrong, but one of the greatest of those evils is the way it twists and warps people so badly that they can not even imagine being in the same room as a naked woman without being overcome by uncontrollable lust.

Maybe the students think this is a really cool thing, that they have a school who dares! Fans of the Gothenburg-based graffiti artist posted messages on her Facebook page, supporting the vagina mural and praising her for contributing to a crucial dialogue."We are still in the 19th century," one viewer wrote.

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Psychologically healthy men in normal relationships are not desperate for sex. Seeing a naked woman does not automatically incite feelings of lust. If you're desperate and starved for sex, this can be impossible to understand.