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Or, in which two kids can't function because of unnecessary jealousy because Adrien said he was dating Chat Noir to get out of a dare.

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Present hard evidence with a document, video, or snapshot, or "it didn't happen! This mature game for adventurous adult couples has over a 1000 truths and dares for you and your lover for more sensual experiences.

Explore hidden desires and sexual fantasies that may have been kept quiet by your lover.

She spun the bottle cautiously, obviously aiming for Adrien, and looking totally pleased with herself when it landed on him. She had spent most of Sunday night feeling like a complete idiot for having a humongous crush on someone who was already dating Ladybug's partner.This is the longest fanfic i've ever written, which might not be much if you look at the word count, but I'll have you know this is 32 pages handwritten! For her 16th birthday, Alya had invited her whole class (well, almost) to her party. Everyone was trying to make that bottle land on him, even his best friend!After cake and presents, the group had ventured up to her room to do who knows what. “Jesus, Chloé, there's more to sexuality than just gay or straight,” Marinette stated, jumping to Adrien's rescue.Creatively make your own challenge with a dozen of tags to choose from: "Art," "Cooking," "Game," "Strange,""Travel," and more!Specify the time frame―should it be accomplished in an hour, or in the span of two weeks?