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Girls need to know about starting periods before they're around 10 years old, and boys need to know about the changes they can expect before they're around 12.There's no reason for girls and boys not to learn the same things.Also, why are you talking to your Bible study teacher about period sex?Even if The Red Wedding is only something you talk about with your BFF after two bottles of wine, there is no reason you couldn't begin to incorporate it into your life to make your period a little more bearable. If that’s not reason enough to convince your BF to dip his toes into the red tide, there are a bunch of other reasons you can bring up.We live in a world where people avoid talking about sex.

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"Be reassuring and say, 'OK, but I think we need to talk about this another time'. Lucky for us 21st century betches, we have the internet and Lena Dunham to teach us that, despite what your Bible study teacher might say, period sex is totally a thing. Being cramped, smelly, and bloated is no way for any woman to live her life. Being hornier than usual due to period-related hormones but not being able to do anything about it because bae has a pathological fear of washing his sheets.Trust me, dudes are so gross as a species that most of them get used to period blood fairly quickly once they’re given the chance.Feel free to bring up the time you found his masturbation sock under the bed, if he needs any reminders that his body is also disgusting.