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In addition, Tick has a complicated friendship with John Voss, an emotionally disturbed boy at school.

The obnoxious jock Zack and his friends constantly bully John.

While watching his owner and friend play soccer, Tick Tock teaches them about the three kinds of touch and three part safety rule.

The movie provides visual reinforcement of the concepts presented in the interactive presentation.

Empire Falls is a 2001 novel written by Richard Russo.

It won the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction in 2002, and follows the story of Miles Roby in a fictional, small blue-collar town in Maine and the people, places, and the past surrounding him, as manager of the Empire Grill diner.

The coloring books can help facilitate the conversation at home between children and their parents/caregivers.

Scripted presentation and movie are 30 minutes total.

Step inside and you'll be greeted by spacious open plan living.Children are encouraged to take home a coloring book to discuss what they learned with family.Movie description Tick Tock is a friendly watchdog whose alarm clock goes off when he senses danger.Miles is separated and later divorced from Janine, who has become a cocky, selfish person after losing weight and exercising rigorously.This is partly due to encouragement from Walt Comeau, the antagonistic owner of a local fitness center who visits the Empire Grill daily and has moved into Roby's old house.